Public tools for wider understanding and ethical application of data.

The School of Data is no longer an active Working Group of - Swiss chapter of Open Knowledge. However, there are several ongoing efforts to promote data literacy. Many of our members are actively providing education and training. Please visit our forum and main website for support.



We support you

We run workshops where you get a chance to ask questions like:

  • How can I get facts and figures on topics X, Y, Z?
  • How to work with various types of data efficiently and correctly?
  • How are datasets prepared and published most effectively online?
  • How are data visualizations read and interpreted by humans?
  • How is data used to enhance communication and conversation?
  • How can my organisation become more open and data-driven?

We primarily wish to support social enterprise and charity projects. Workshops are coordinated with the respective project owners. Our goal is to teach you to fish instead of giving away the fish.

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We need helpers

The School of Data in Switzerland is at an early stage and we need your support as:

Data champions (people with data skills)

  • Support and run workshops
  • Develop content and tools with us

Event managers (people with organisational and networking skills)

  • Help us to schedule and set up workshops
  • Look for sponsors and partners

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