Food Data Expedition invite

This Expedition has taken place and a recap is available!

What:Find and clean data sets dealing with food and make them available. Preparation for the Open Food Hackdays.
When:Saturday, January 14, 2017, 10:00 - 14:00
Where:Bern, Switzerland.
Cost:Free for registered participants.
Bring:A laptop or tablet. Lunch provided.
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Food. Data. There is something visceral and personal about the two topics in combination. Data is behind every bite we eat - but is it wholesome? This morning, data surely helped you off to a healthy start: ensuring that product expiry on the milk, bread and eggs was clearly labelled and within safe limits. This afternoon the stores of shops and restaurants will be stocked based on data, supporting lives. If we do not understand Nutrition Labels, let alone the complex global web of food production, how can we make healthy choices for ourselves or our planet?

We are starting the new year with a Data Expedition. At this workshop we want to

  • brainstorm about what information could be needed to better understand the world of food
  • find open data sets covering this information
  • clean and prepare the data sets
  • make the data (and the cleaning-code) available for others to use

The main goals are to learn about working with food data and to prepare open data for the upcoming Open Food Hackdays (Note: please register separately to participate in the Hackdays). We want to involve people with all kinds of skills at this event, whether you are a nutritionist, a data expert or just someone who likes to learn how to work with (food) data. We will be working in groups and learn from each other.

Image by U.S. FDA via World Public Health Nutrition Association.

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Hurry, there is limited room on a first-come first-served basis at this free and well catered-to workshop! Can’t make it this time? Schade. Sign up to our forum anyway to be notified of upcoming Expeditions and other Events.

This Data Expedition will be facilitated by @Oleg and @Heidi